Motorsport Engineering Seminar 2017


Motorsport is a highly competitive industry providing feedback on a weekly basis demanding a total commitment from the engineers working in this field. While a lot of information is available on Motorsport Engineering, there is a need to provide engineers coming into the industry with a specific skillset. This 3-day seminar covers the practical knowledge necessary to  campaign race cars successfully.

After a successful pilot in Brasil, this seminar will be organized in Europe for the first time in 2017. Although the importance of a sound theoretical basis can’t be underestimated, this is not a purely vehicle dynamics course. The contents of the seminar will provide the participants with practical procedures common or recommendable in today’s motorsport environment.

An added value for this course is the cooperation with Danny Nowlan of Chassissim Technologies. The 3rd day concentrates completely on incorporating lap time simulation in the daily routine of a race engineer. All participants will receive a time limited licence of the Chassissim software with which some excercises will be performed during the seminar.

This course is not only aimed at engineering students pursuing a position in Motorsport engineering, but also current race, data and performance engineers wishing to update their knowledge. 

The following subjects will be covered:


Ø Implications of necessary accuracy in Motor Racing
Ø The Anatomy of a Racing Team
Ø Working with Drivers, Team Management, Mechanics,...
Ø Skills required for a Race Engineer
Ø Data Driven Motorsport Engineering
Ø Preparing for a Race Weekend
Ø Preparing for a Test Event
Ø Track walks
Ø Keeping track of the paperwork
Ø The regulations
Ø Race Strategy
Ø Radio Communication
Ø The most important of all: Racecar Tires
Ø Lateral and Longitudinal Load Transfer
Ø The influence of springs, roll bars, geometry, aerodynamics, 3rd springs, dampers, bump rubbers & packers,... on car behavior
Ø Setup Procedures
Ø What to do when weather conditions change?
Ø Data Analysis – An overview
Ø Analyzing Timing Data
Ø An Introduction to Lap Time Simulation with Chassissim
Ø Post Race / Test Reports
Ø And much more...
The seminar will be given at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole hotel - United Kingdom from 9 to 11 January 2017, just pror to the Autosport International exhibition. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop to the seminar. USB sticks will be provided to each participant containing the presentation in digital format together with a collection of templates, spreadsheets, documents,... that will help to put the covered information into practice immediately.
This course is limited to 25 places, which are sold on a first come first served basis. So make sure to register as soon as possible!
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