Since 2008 I have been presenting the Racecar Data Acquisition and Analysis seminar around the world. This course still proves quite popular and in the meantime I created some spin-offs from this one, the biggest one being the Motorsport Engineering seminar.

I’ve been playing with the idea a long time to develop a course of a longer duration where more focus could be put on the practical aspect. I want to give the participants a thorough overview of what skills and knowledge are required from race, data or performance engineers working in motor racing. The idea is not to present a 4-day theoretical lecture, but to actually work on practical examples. The tools necessary to do this will be provided during the seminar, where students will be able to work with them from their own laptops. From that point of view, I am really happy to be able to announce the cooperation with HH Development and Chassissim.


HH Development provides timing and race strategy software widely used in all major championships around the world. Trial licenses of the HH Timing software will be provided to the seminar participants to go through some real-world examples.


Chassissim has been a long-time partner in these courses. In this seminar their software will be used to introduce the students to laptime simulation and go over some case studies about how this type of simulation can be integrated in the daily work of a race engineer.

This course is developed for race, data and performance engineers in motor racing of all experience levels, engineering students and racecar drivers. During 4 intensive days at the Porsche Carrera Cup headquarters in Sao Paulo, we will make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge and tools that will give you an edge over the competition.



I hope to welcome you soon at this new seminar!

Course contents:


Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Required accuracy in motor racing
  • Skills required for a race engineer
  • Preparing for a race/test event
  • Keeping track of the paperwork
  • The regulations
  • Race Strategy
  • Data Acquisition analysis techniques
    • Setting analysis priorities
    • Data visualization
    • Metric based data analysis
    • Comparing performance



Day 2

  • The racecar tire
    • How does a tire generate grip?
    • Friction, slip angle/ratio, load sensitivity
    • Tire measurements: pressure, temperature, wear
    • PRACTICAL TOPIC: Thermal photography (students will play around with some examples in FLIR thermal photography software – licenses to be provided)
    • Analyzing wear patterns
    • Tire pressure and temperature management
    • Wet weather tires
  • PRACTICAL TOPIC: Introduction to HH Timing & Strategy software (trial licenses to be provided)
    • Race strategy case study with HH Timing



Day 3

  • Working with drivers
    • Event preparation
    • Track walks
    • Driver debriefing
    • Reporting
    • Radio communication
  • Analyzing driver performance
  • The driving line
  • Summarizing driving styles using data
  • Quantifying grip and car balance from logged data
  • Analyzing vehicle performance



Day 4

  • PRACTICAL TOPIC: Introduction to laptime simulation (trial licenses to be provided)
  • Students will work with Chassissim and set up a basic simulation for an LMP3 car
  • Case study: roll stiffness distribution
  • Case study: working with aeromaps
Download the seminar brochure HERE