Porsche Carrera Cup Brazil

Motorsport Performance Engineering Seminar 2024


A new seminar concept...


Since 2008 I have been presenting the Racecar Data Acquisition and Analysis seminar around the world. This course still proves quite popular and in the meantime I created some spin-offs from this one, the biggest one being the Motorsport Performance Engineering seminar.


This course is run over a period of 4 days so more focus can be put on the practical aspect of engineering a racecar. I want to give the participants a thorough overview of what skills and knowledge are required from race, data or performance engineers working in motor racing. The idea is not to present a 4-day theoretical lecture, but to actually work on practical examples. The tools necessary to do this will be provided during the seminar, where students will be able to work with them from their own laptops.


From that point of view, I am really happy to be able to announce the cooperation with HH Development and Chassissim.

HH Development provides timing and race strategy software widely used in all major championships around the world. Trial licenses of the HH Timing software will be provided to the seminar participants to go through some real-world examples.

Chassissim has been a long-time partner in these courses. In this seminar their software will be used to introduce the students to laptime simulation and go over some case studies about how this type of simulation can be integrated in the daily work of a race engineer.


This seminar is designed to take you on an incredible journey into the heart of motorsports performance engineering. Whether you're an aspiring race car engineer, a seasoned professional, or simply an enthusiast craving for high-octane knowledge, this event is tailor-made for you!


Best regards,

Jorge Segers



Introducing Jorge Segers:


Join us for an exclusive seminar featuring renowned presenter Jorge Segers, an expert in the field of race car data acquisition and performance engineering. With over 25 years of experience in motorsports engineering, Segers has established himself as a leading authority in the industry.


With a remarkable career spanning multiple prestigious championships, including FIA GT, GT World Challenge, DTM, European Le Mans Series and even Olympic bobsleigh, Segers brings a wealth of practical expertise and knowledge to the seminar. Recently he has lent his engineering support to Ferrari's Hypercar project in the World Endurance Championship, contributing to their victory in the centenary edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours.


As the author of the highly acclaimed book "Analysis Techniques for Race Car Data Acquisition," Segers has become a go-to resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Now in its second edition, his book continues to be a best-seller and a valuable reference in the field.


Segers' presentations have captivated audiences worldwide. His seminars, filled with real-world examples and anecdotes drawn from his extensive experience, offer a unique opportunity for attendees to gain practical knowledge that can be immediately applied at the racetrack. From beginners to highly experienced individuals, racing enthusiasts from all backgrounds have found immense value in his engaging and insightful sessions.

Organizations such as McLaren F1 and Porsche Brazil have recognized the exceptional quality of Segers' seminars, relying on his expertise to train and develop their personnel.


Now, you too can benefit from his unparalleled insights and expertise by joining us for this unmissable event.


Don't miss the chance to learn from one of the foremost authorities in race car data acquisition and performance engineering. Reserve your spot today and take a step closer to unlocking the secrets of maximizing performance on the track.



Course Program


Day 1:

    Course introduction

    Accuracy in Motor Racing

    Skills required for a race engineer

    Race weekend / test day preparation procedures

    Keeping track of the paperwork

    The regulations

    Race strategy

    Introduction to HH Timing strategy software

    Race strategy case study with HH Timing 


Day 2:

    The racecar tire

How does a tire generate grip?

Friction, slip angle/ratio, load sensitivity

Tire measurements: pressure, temperature, wear,…

Thermal photography case study

Analyzing tire wear patterns

Tire pressure and temperature management during a race event

            Wet weather tires


     Data acquisition analysis techniques

Efficient visualization of the data

Setting analysis priorities

Comparing performance

Metric based data analysis


Day 3:

    Working with drivers

        Event preparation

        Track walks

        Driver debriefing


        Radio communication 

    Analyzing driver performance

    The driving line

    Summarizing driving style

    Quantifying grip, car balance and stability from logged data

    Setting up a race car


Day 4:


        Drag and downforce measurement

        How to work with aeromaps

    Shock absorbers

    Introduction to laptime simulation

    How to build a car model in Chassissim

    Chassissim case study - Lateral load transfer distribution

    Chassissim case study - Aerodynamics



Upcoming seminar:




The seminar fee includes:

  • Drinks and refreshments during the 4 seminar days
  • Seminar presentation in digital format
  • Time limited license of Chassissim laptime simulation software
  • Time limited license of HH Timing strategy software
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Track Day Experience: Each participant is entitled to attend a Porsche Carrera Cup race event in 2023 or 2024 for a practical experience together with one of the engineers of the championship.
  • All attendees can participate in a selection process after the course in which Porsche selects the 3 best students to work in the 2024 Carrera Cup as a data acquisition engineer.


Download the seminar brochure HERE

Registration: please contact   cursosegers@gmail.com